Shaping the future of a nature pioneer. 


Born in France, Phytorestore is a bioscience pioneer that uses cutting-edge technology to reduce the toxic effects of pollutants in nature. The company's scientists, engineers and landscape architects design wetlands and filtration gardens. By using the healing power of plants combined with oxygen and minerals, they are able to remove toxins from water, air and soil to restore biodiversity in rivers, lakes, parks, and cities around the world. 

Phytorestore's pioneering projects include the depollution of the River Seine in Paris, the clean-up of the Wolong Lake in Northern China, that is home to rare species of birds, and most recently, the biodiversity restoration programme of Recife, Brazil, aimed to create a nature playground along the banks of the Capibaribe River. 

Driven by the ambition to grow, Phytorestore Brazil worked with our Sao Paolo team to develop a brand that will create a new category in the market, a category of one that will define its extraordinary role in the world. 



Phytorestore's unique technology applies science to further the power of nature, to accelerate the healing process, and recover and restore. Ultimately, helping nature do its work. 

Inspired by the idea of a 'bio-accelerator', we developed a strategy for the brand that defines its pioneering leadership position, as nature's partner that brings the power of science to make a better world. 

We created the key attributes of the brand that define its market-changing category - (R)evolution to provoke a new way of thinking and doing; Bioimage - to prepare for the future to enhance nature's power; and Legacy for those who want to leave a mark in the world and impact change.  

The identity is an expression of nature's own "technology", portraying exquisite botanic drawings as a form of art with engineering precision. It's the ultimate expression of extraordinary solutions, and a triumph of the scientific mind and humanity coming together to work for our environment. 


The result is a new trailblazing brand for Phytorestore Brazil to grow, creating projects in public and private markets which respond to the most diverse challenges today. It brings sustainable technology that benefits global businesses, the world's cities, and local communities, from addressing ESG and offsetting carbon footprints, to promoting biodiversity and positive bioimage, and enhancing the value of local areas and communities.