Removing distractions to leave an impression in a busy city.

Hong Kong is all about more. NOC is a coffee company that believes in less. Less of what you don’t need or never asked for. Less irrelevant choice. Less cutting corners.

In a world that is obsessed with more, NOC decided to put a stake in the ground for believing in less. Nobody needs dozens of types of flat white – all you need is a good one. We created a coffee experience to give a moment of calm amid the chaos of a busy city.

Our idea of Curated Simplicity is expressed everywhere, from identity to the coffee shops, designed to be a sanctuary of calm. Meticulous attention to detail, white space creates a place of tranquility – where customers can focus on the coffee and connect with things that matter to them.


The identity is three coffee cups in three letterforms, applied to a variety of materials created with a pure design aesthetic.

The brand ethos comes alive in ‘The (not quite) flat white notebook’, a fresh take on a brand book, more like friendly advice than a guide.

Inspired by the tale of the Princess and the Pea, it’s a story about appreciating the discerning details through the layers of life. The message comes alive in the book designed by using a Japanese binding technique and a locally sourced paper to reflect the brand’s Asian roots. As the story unfolds so does an embossed coffee bean, becoming a tactile metaphor for how little things can make an impression when you sweep away the distractions.

Our design has given NOC a clear level of distinction in the cluttered world of coffee shops. The purity of aesthetic and a calming environment has become something people crave – so much so that the brand has expanded to several outlets in the city.

"Superunion gave us the voice we directly needed, helping us to sculpt our vision, showed us how to express our unique identity, and carefully formulated a plan that will propel NOC into the forefront of coffee brands."

Founder, NOC Coffee Co.


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