Celebrating family, femininity and the uniqueness of nature. 


Tradition is part of the appeal of Italian olive oil. Many of the producers are family firms with long and proud histories and Agricola Dargenio, in Puglia, is no exception. In 2019 Emanuele Dargenio's grand-daughter Emanuela proudly took over the reins of the business he founded seventy years ago. 

But tradition, craft, and quality are not enough on their own to stand out from the crowd. Emanuela saw the opportunity to create, a very distinctive limited-edition brand that respected tradition and breathed modernity at the same time, inspired by the transition to a new female CEO. The is the story of how Figlia ('daughter' in Italian) was born. 



The brand is built on a simple, compelling idea - 'Feminine by Nature' - which reflects the natural way the product is made, the truth of its origin story, and the sustainability of its post-purchase existence. 

To express this concept, we worked with a ceramic artist to hand-craft three hundred bottles in this local region. Each bottle suggested a feminine form, all of them unique. Aside from a subtle stamp on the base, the bottles are intentionally left unadorned so that they will not be thrown away, but instead live on gloriously once they have fulfilled their original role. 


These beautiful vessels inspired a series of illustrations that form the foundations of our visual language, making use of soft organic shapes to form delicate and minimalist depictions of female faces. A multitude of variations built on a uniting style and colour palette combine to form an inspiring and modern celebration of the diverse beauty of femininity and the natural world, and make the product itself absolutely irresistible.