Creating a world-leading identity for the world’s fastest-growing industry.

ESL is the number one name in esports, the industry that has exploded in recent years. With 350 million fans in 2018, and viewing figures to rival Super Bowl, ESL is also the original – that evolved from a bedroom-and-internet-café movement to stadiums around the world in just 19 years, attracting millions of fans to the scale, speed, and thrill of the games.

But being a top player on top of the game demanded a brand to match. We created a standout identity fit to lead the game, without sacrificing its underground spirit. Built from hidden worlds that drew fans and players closer.

Straight away, we saw that esports is not like most sports. There are fewer barriers. The path from zero to hero is much shorter. The wall between players and fans is unusually thin. It’s a world ‘where everybody can be somebody’, with an opportunity to compete and grow faster than any other sport.

Our identity broke the codes of the category, full of dated gradients and quiet shades of blue. We flipped the convention upside down with bold, loud, custom camo. And a bright, unapologetic palette radically unlike anything else.

Unfamiliar and yet recognisable. Constructed through the use of graphic elements of the iconic games, each pattern maps directly into shape and character from within the games themselves, to create a secret language only the gamers can speak. One that infinitely rewards the most dedicated players and fans for their ability to decode what’s in it.

Hidden worlds come alive through augmented reality that transforms two-dimensional shapes into 3D, across online, sponsorship, events and merchandise.

Meanwhile a streamlined portfolio brought together ESL’s sport leagues, tournaments, products and partners’ brands, and united esports die-hards under one brand. So it's not just a world where everybody can be somebody, it's a world where anybody can easily find the way in.

"The updated ESL identity, created by the Superunion team, is more than a look and feel. It’s a strategic tool that helps ESL to meet its most important objectives. Creating a place where everybody can be somebody was our purpose and what drove our founding members since the beginning of ESL until today. So we wanted to highlight the inspiring story of the company…we want to build a place where every fan has a voice. Where the path from zero to hero is as short as possible and where opportunities are endless. Over the next months, we’ll continue to update our products to reflect our new global brand strategy."


"This is the fastest-growing sport in the world for one simple reason – it’s totally exhilarating. Until you see the scale of if it, the speed of it, the thrill of it you can have no idea just what this is. Working with ESL has been totally amazing and together we have created an identity that lives up to the sheer intensity of this sport."

Digital Creative Director, Superunion


Brand Impact Awards
Highly Commended 

Eyes and Ears of Europe Awards
Second Prize