Clear Mobile

Mobile Made Simple


In 2020 we were asked to create a brand for an entirely new, value-led business in Ireland, a market that has grown in popularity with low-cost telecom companies, and where brands such as Tesco Mobile, GoMo and Fir Mobile are all fighting for a share of customers' wallets and hearts. But despite being a very competitive market, these brands have a lot in common - they're loud and proud, youth focused and unapologetically 'cheap'. 



Our ambition was to shine through in a cutthroat market and inspire savvy bargain hunters, young and old, to sign up with the brand. 

Clear Mobile is a no frills, simple offer; built from a customer insight that today's consumers refuse to pay for things they don't need or ask for. Smart, savvy shoppers from all walks of life, united in an attitude that's looking for the best deal at the best possible price. 

Inspired by the mission to Make Mobile Simple, we worked with brand, marketing, product and digital teams to create a business and brand that is clearly different from the competition. 

With only one product - a SIM-only contract, with unlimited calls, texts and data, the new market challenger will give customers what they want, and the service that always works. Giving them everything they need and nothing they don't. 

Our strategy was simple. This is mobile in its purest form. Stripped back to the bare essentials. Sim. Texts. Minutes. Data. No bells. No whistles. No extras you won't want later. If it can come off: it does. Making its position in the market categorically clear. Setting the brand miles apart from the others, a true embodiment of a 'value' brand. 

The brand, and the name, Clear Mobile, is unapologetically honest. It talks to customers, not at them, in their language, and to the point. Undressing the layers of complexity and making the offer clearly simple, a clear voice that doesn't add to the noise. 

The tone of voice is stripped back, with just three guiding principles: Deadpan, Dead Simple, and Dead Honest. Good enough and that's enough. No additives. Just what you need. Nothing you don't. Mobile made simple. For everyone. 

And to make it absolutely clear, we called it Clear Mobile. 

The identity is a white world. Stripped out of all its colour. And anything else that might get in the way. A lot of white. And black to punch the message through. No grey areas in between. 

To create a logo, we stripped back the form of the SIM card to create a bold 'C' monogram. And, by cutting a few corners here and there, we stripped back our font to echo the diagonal line in our SIM logo, creating a simple identity system that's easy to use and instantly clear. 

To launch the brand, we created a campaign, "No frills", to cut through the noise and attract innovators, savvy bargain hunters and people who were just curious about the brand. 

Created for social, search, YouTube and TV, the stripped back campaign is a playful expression of the brand, connecting to customers through humour and wordplay. Short headlines. Bold statements. Great impact. 

The brand was launched in January 2021 in Ireland and we continue to work with Clear Mobile on its mission to Make Mobile Simple.