Taking fashion seriously, without taking yourself too seriously. 

In 2012 a style-savvy team had a dream: they were going to create a superb online shopping experience, the one we haven’t imagined yet. Zalora instantly became a fashion powerhouse and a go-to screen for fashionistas. It is now the leading online fashion platform in Asia-Pacific that defines the future of retail.

The business needed the brand that is as inspirational and forward-thinking as the people it was created for. The result was a rallying cry for experimentation and individuality.

We created a call to action for Zalora’s audiences – customers, partners and teams across the region: ‘You Own Now’. This is about experimenting, having fun with fashion that is an expression of individuality and the ultimate freedom – owning what makes you, you.

You Own Now resonates perfectly with the cultural zeitgeist in Asia today. It speaks to a huge swathe of fashion influencers, who are free to explore and define their own styles rather than to conform to prescribed notions and norms of what is fashionable. From catwalks, celebrities, fashion icons, to you and me – the authority in fashion is being redefined.

The monochrome identity is dynamic and bold, unapologetic, and free-hand, created in-the-moment. The signature prints use real fabrics and textures from Zalora’s collections, creating an ownable aesthetic that can evolve effortlessly, ensuring it never goes out of style. These prints came from the users’ own worlds, reflecting how fashion makes us feel and highlighting distinct personalities and diversity of contemporary Asia. 

Launched in February 2018 in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Hong Kong and Taiwan, Zalora has been hailed as a force for change in fashion, inspiring its millions of customers to have the courage to express themselves.

You can, because you own now.

"The concept of You Own Now has shaped the brand and given us a clear and concise narrative…You Own Now is about what makes you, you."

Chief Marketing Officer, ZALORA Group