One Voice

Reaching multiple audiences with a cohesive story.

In brief

When you’ve got an audience as varied as Tesco’s, the challenge is finding ways to unite everyone.

Tesco needed to reach out to multiple audiences, using messaging and technology to bring ideas and content together. It wanted to communicate commitment to its new purpose, based on simplicity, relevance and responsiveness.

Our solution? Clear and engaging communication aggregated on the website and bespoke technology which, up to that point, hadn’t existed.

What we did

The brand already had the basis of two stories: one, corporate-facing and focused on strategy, performance and accountability, the other customer-facing and directed towards countless daily interactions with shoppers.

Tesco wanted to bring these two stories together on its corporate website by pulling feeds from its blog and social media channels onto the site. The first challenge was that the technology didn’t exist. The second? We had three months to build it.

To answer the need, we created an intuitive, bespoke tool to aggregate the content, allowing Tesco to curate and post combinations of feeds anywhere on the site, with content organised by channel, date or theme.

We’ve taken the same inventive approach to Tesco’s annual reports, making them more engaging by filling them with captivating content – fully integrated across print and digital to build the trust of stakeholders and refocus on customers.


increase in page views within 3 months after launch


increase in mobile traffic 


Digital Impact Awards
4 Silver
2 Bronze
2 Highly Commended

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