The Power of We 


Tabfund is a web browser extension that funnels advertising dollars to power global research projects through non-invasive advertising impressions, collected every time a new tab is opened online. 

Users choose to donate their "tabs" to preferred research in Health (Covid-19), New Tech & Environment, with real-time data demonstrating users' collective impact around the world, as it happens. Founded on a belief in humanity and the power of collectivism, Tabfund changes the game in how global research is funded, ensuring that the research community and society work together to create a better world. 


Research is a foundation of progress. But it lacks public awareness, visibility and funding. What starts as an electrifying spark, often ends in defeat. A team of researchers wanted to address the flawed funding model - asking how can we make funding research effortless? How can we emphasise the importance of research to many, not just a few, and create impact together?

We created TabFund, a browser extension that funnels advertising dollars to power research, through advertising impressions, every time the new tab is opened online. The platform enables users to donate their “tabs” to preferred research projects in Health, New Tech & Environment. Real-time data is processed by the platform, demonstrating collective impact as it happens, empowering users like you and me to see the difference we can make to the world.  A global community united around research, ensuring more ideas lift off and realise their potential.

Tabfund challenges the preconceived notions of research, making people care. It reframes research for what it is: a place of play, imagination and optimism, opening it up to the world. The mechanism and technology that Tabfund is leveraging is free from complexity. It’s simple to join and easy to use, becoming an integral part of our daily lives online.

The interface, visual system and data model are designed around a simple pixel square, representing the individual and the power of impact we create together. Structured around the grid frame, the identity allows the pixels to multiply and grow, building the graphic backbone for the brand.

TabFund, at its core, is not a product, or a technology, it’s a belief in humanity and the power of collectivism. It requires a united front, a genuine collaboration, a ‘we > me’ mindset, more relevant than ever as the world navigates global challenges today.