Swiss Re Annual Report

Transforming tomorrow together.


Swiss Re is one of the world's leading providers of reinsurance. Its purpose is 'to make the world more resilient'. And in a world facing unprecedented upheaval, that's more important than ever. 

Headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, the Swiss Re Group operates through a network of around 80 offices globally and has over 13,000 employees. 


Swiss Re wanted a creative partner to develop reports that clearly articulated the business via a compelling storytelling approach. It was important to show how Swiss Re's work helps to build societal resilience. 

The main objective for 2020 was to embed the Group's Transforming Tomorrow Together message that now is the time to rethink old ways, adopt forward-looking approaches and work together to reshape its industry. This was achieved through a series of case studies structured around four focus areas: building resilience post-COVID-19; making insurance more accessible through digital solutions; reaching net zero; and closing protection gaps through partnerships. 


Each of the four focus areas is introduced with scene-setting imagery and a question addressing the issue of how Swiss Re makes the world more resilient. The response is split across a spread with an overview of the subject area together with an expert view giving a more personal perspective on the cut-off, 'tip-in', page. This approach showcases Swiss Re's strong thought leadership, which is a key differentiator and the basis for much of the company's business. 

The focus area section continues with a series of shorter articles - real-life, human stories, from both clients and beneficiaries - demonstrating Swiss Re's unique understanding of risk. Further individual insights are gained via Q&As with Swiss Re employees and partners. 

The importance of data in underpinning Swiss Re's risk insights is illustrated through engaging infographics that present in-depth statistical analysis in easily accessible visual form and illustrate real-read form on society. 

Key content is also provided in digital quick read form. 


Understanding the long-term view is essential to Swiss Re. This is demonstrated through its industry-leading research, which is featured within the report. In addition, in his final year as Chairman, Walter Kielholz reflects on 45 years of working in the reinsurance industry in his Message from the Chairman, as well as in a one-off Q&A section later in the report. His insights provide a unique view on how, and why, the insurance and reinsurance industry has changed over the decades and how Swiss Re has successfully built a sustainable business. That sustainability is demonstrated through the dividend chart, which accompanies the Message from the Chairman. 

As an example, the 'Together' focus area establishes the importance of 'New partners, new perspectives' and how, by working with its partners, Swiss Re builds new relationships and co-creates new solutions. A detailed case study demonstrates how Swiss Re partners with OEMs, along with other insurance providers, to help drivers avoid accidents, and thereby reduce insurance premiums. The graphic clearly sets out the areas of innovation for both the OEMs and Swiss Re, as well as the benefits to the OEMs, clients, end customer and society.