Expressing brand ethos through contemporary art.

Swire Properties is a visionary developer that puts creativity and original thinking at the heart of its business. Founded on a vision of ‘Creative Transformation’, it has radically transformed the property landscape in Hong Kong and Mainland China in recent years.

Tasked with bringing the vision to life, we saw an opportunity to create a contemporary expression as powerful and inspirational as Swire Properties’ ethos.

We collaborated with celebrated paper architect, Matt Shlian, to create a series of images that bring the essence of the brand to life. With precise, geometric folds, he transformed ordinary paper into extraordinary three-dimensional sculptures.

We took inspiration from the unique topography of Hong Kong, creating an installation whose paper stalagmites evoke the towering skyscrapers and mountainous landscape amongst which Swire Properties’ developments nestle. 

This unique installation now holds pride of place in Swire Properties’ Hong Kong headquarters, offering a striking visual metaphor for Creative Transformation. A visual language for brand communications including a bespoke microsite that brings the story of Creative Transformation alive for 4,500 employees every day.