Rebranding a profession. 

Rebranding a profession

The Project Management Institute was established in 1969. Over the last 50 years, PMI has introduced project management in nearly every country, set the standard with the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification, and helped millions of people around the world shape and progress their careers.

But PMI is more than the PMP and professional development. From influencing how work gets done through its connection to corporations around the world - including Amazon, NASA, Microsoft, and more - to partnering with TED on thought leadership to deliver insights to executives, and engaging a passionate global community of over 10,000 volunteers that have contributed thousands of hours to UN Sustainable Development Goals, PMI and its network are positively influencing society and the world around us. 


As its 50th anniversary approached, PMI needed to understand how to continue leading the project management profession within a changing landscape around the future of work. When Superunion's New York team began working with PMI, their brand team insisted that their global community was a vital voice of the brand.

So, we rolled up our sleeves, reserved a conference room (or ten), and spent the next three months asking dozens of project professionals from around the world: "If you could rename the title Project Manager without using the words "project" or "manager," what would you call it?"

We heard answers that sparked rich conversations about the world of project management: Hat Wearer. Cat Herder. Chameleon. Relationship Builder. Problem Solver. Trip Leader. Doer. Influencer. Orchestrator. Change Agent. Unsung Hero. Leader. The more we learned about PMI's depth and breadth, the more we realised that this rebrand wasn't just for PMI. 

It was a rebrand that would change the conversation for an entire profession. 

It turns out, about 79% of executives agree that the future of work will be based more on projects than roles. We took a bold stance that the future of work is already here. And at the centre of how we work is projects. Whether it's designing a product, building a bridge, or creating a new logo - projects are all around us. Projects are driving how we work, representing the collaboration and determination required to turn ideas into reality. 

At PMI, this idea is called The Project Economy, and it's the basis of the new brand positioning.

With a strong brand positioning underway, we set out to create the visual representation of The Project Economy. A new, symbolic, design language emerged that was inspired by Project Management tools. The symbols represent the qualities and behaviours of The Project Economy: collaboration, determination, change, innovation, teamwork, outcomes, growth, vision and community.

These symbols infuse the brand with meaning and articulate what PMI stands for as they continue to lead the profession into the future. 

It's a language that's being put to use by PMI in a bold, fresh, and meaningful way. PMI's new brand isn't just a refresh for a professional organisation. It is reinvigorating an entire profession. 

So, what's your role in The Project Economy?