Taking a more transparent approach to integrated reporting.

There are few things more important to a multinational organisation than building trust and credibility. To do that, transparency is vital. Typically, organisations communicate key facts about their business in an annual report. But traditional reports can be too complex, too narrow in scope and just not engaging enough.


One way to overcome this challenge is through an integrated report – a holistic piece of communication that addresses a wide range of areas that are key to understanding a why a business exists and how it creates value. We have been working with Pfizer since 2015 to enhance their approach to integrated reporting and achieve these objectives.

Working in partnership with GCI Health, we made significant changes and improvements to Pfizer’s Annual Review’s content, structure, design and user experience, to better communicate how Pfizer is delivering against its strategy, purpose and values and show how the company is responding to external trends and developments, from addressing global health challenges to helping to meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The two online Annual Reviews we have built are designed to engage a diverse range of audiences, from investors to employees. They use bold design, strong typographic elements, editorial conventions, shareable features and the right balance of high-level and detailed information to deliver impactful stories that bring Pfizer’s approach to life in a credible and engaging way.


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