Let’s be clear

Taking a more transparent approach to integrated reporting.

In brief

There are few things more important to a multinational organisation than winning people’s trust. To do that, transparency is vital.

Typically, organisations lay out the honest facts about their business in an annual report. But traditional reports can be too complex, too narrow in scope and just not engaging enough.

The answer is what’s called the integrated report – one that covers strategy, governance, values, performance and prospects.

We were brought in to help Pfizer refresh and improve its integrated reporting. The result was an online report for 2016 which boosted repeat visits to the site by 103%.

What we did

Pfizer wanted the report to:

  • Be transparent
  • Line up with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals
  • Include a mix of multimedia content
  • Tell the story about how it had improved the health of the public, as well as the health of its business
  • Show how it was making progress towards achieving its mission

Working in partnership with GCI Health, we made big changes to every aspect of the report. From the messaging and the look and feel to the experience of reading.

We delivered the site on March 13, 2017 for screens of all types. It gave an honest account of how the previous year had been for Pfizer and told the story in a variety of ways. For readers who just wanted the big picture, we shot videos of the Executive Leadership Team in New York, London and Orlando. For those who wanted to dive into the details, we used bold colours, typography and shareable features to guide them through the full story.

It’s a big departure from a traditional annual report, but so far, the numbers show that it works.


increase in repeat visits to the site in the first 3 months 


minutes average time on the site


average page view increase in first 3 months


Digital Impact Awards

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