Creating the fastest sporting brand in the world.


We created a new global online platform for an iconic automotive brand, dedicated to all things esports racing. The ambition was to bring together gamers, racers and partners from all over the world, for the very first time, under one brand. To lead in the game of esports, a global community of 2.5bn gamers that is taking over the world. 


With OverTake, esports racing has a new home. A platform where professional racers, fans and gamers can turn up and level up. To show the world what esports racers are capable of. A place to belong, to race faster, become better, and share their passion and love of the game. 

The brand's call to action is for all gaming racers with a need for speed - the pole position fighters, the livery wizards, the setup masters and drift kings. To celebrate all they have accomplished so far, and what is yet to come. 

The name, OverTake, is a reflection of the duality of the brand. From 'overtake', a celebration of competitive racing, to 'takeover', a global movement taking over the racing world, a unified platform for esports racing. 

The dynamic identity is created with strong letterforms. 'Over' and 'Take' stand equal in measure, creating parts of a fair race. In animation, they constantly switch positions, from the brand name, 'OverTake', to a community call-out, 'TakeOver', in a language that calls for participation and audience gameplay. 

To capture the ever-changing dynamics of a race, the brand is an iconic visual expression of the racing thrills, in vivid contrasting colours and 'go faster' stripes. When joined together, they energetically fight for first place, as they race and overtake across the screen. An ever-changing movement of the characterful twists and turns, a statement of the gamers' fighting spirit, from the precision of Sim racing to the fun of Mario Kart. 

The brand took over the world in June 2020, with over 22,000 gamers tuning in during the first few days, bringing in 4.9m video views. Creating a global community with shared passions, coming together to achieve more, race faster, and enjoy the thrills of the game.