Let's do great things.


With $11bn revenues and 40,000 people operating in 57 countries outside of Japan, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation or NTT, is the global technology business with considerable scale and complexity. Serving 85% of Fortune 500 companies, it provides services in data, cyber security, telecommunication infrastructure, and cloud services that enables the connected future for its thousands of clients around the world. 

NTT chose Superunion for a bold mission - to define a strategy that would bring together 28 diverse businesses as part of the largest merger in the world in 2019. The ambition was to create one unified global NTT organisation that would give its clients access to a full breadth of NTT's industry-leading products, innovations and services to address the diverse clients' business needs of today. 


We realised that delivering this ambition was not about just adding up, but about reframing a progressive go-to-market strategy by creating a unified technology offering and a world-class brand that could succeed against CISCO, Accenture and IBM. 

To help define the foundations for a new brand purpose, we conducted a rigorous insight-gathering process at a break-neck speed, to ensure the new brand could launch in six months' time, the very tight timeframe set by the NTT leadership. We interviewed dozens of internal stakeholders and key clients, assessed their competitors' positioning and explored how world-class technology brands differentiate and communicate expertise and value. 

We worked with NTT's Global CMO, Ruth Rowan, and the leadership team across the markets to develop a unifying core purpose: Together we can do great things. We championed this human approach in the belief that only when humans collaborate can they truly address the complex technology issues that their clients face every day. Enabling them to do great things for people, clients and societies they work in. 

The purpose delivers a radical re-shaping; from NTT as a technology services provider to an instigator and a partner for total business transformation. Positioning NTT at the heart of the CEO's agenda and global challenges of a more sustainable future world. 

We created a dynamic brand architecture and go-to-market messages that enhanced NTT's competitive advantage and maximised the synergies of the newly merged business. We then defined a rigorous brand migration programme to transfer value to the new entity whilst mitigating the risks of such a large scale and culturally sensitive change. 

Inspired by NTT's new purpose we designed a visually stunning creative platform and storytelling approach that heroes the human impact of NTT's technology promise. It showcases how NTT is reshaping our lives for a better tomorrow. 

To launch the brand, we created a communication launch plan and a messaging framework to help NTT teams engage all 40,000 employees with the benefits of the new powerhouse for themselves and their clients. We created a series of inspiring films to help the CEO educate and motivate everyone around the internal organisational changes, the market opportunity and vision for the company. These were reinforced through numerous tools; from staff playbooks, to a microsite, online and social campaigns, as well as culture and EVP strategy, content and brand training workshops. These all made it easy for the leadership team to tell the compelling new story of the NTT brand and its role in the world. 

NTT successfully launched in London in July 2019. Announcing to the world a new kind of global technology leader. One that delivers unparalleled capabilities and global scale focused on doing great things for people, businesses and society today, shaping the world of tomorrow.