Move United

Inciting a movement


In our very first meeting, Glenn Merry, CEO of what would become Move United told us: "We're a social movement disguised as a disabled sports league." From that moment, we knew there was nothing that could stop us from helping them achieve their goal of forever changing the way our world views disability. 

The leading adaptive sports organisation in the US was driven by their ambition to accelerate a movement that fully includes people with disabilities in society. But they needed a brand to match this ambition. We helped them create it, uniting people and rallying them to move forward together. 

To help Move United achieve its aim of redefining disability and breaking down stereotypes across America, we positioned the organisation to be the spark of confrontation, conversation and action. The power of sport was the platform on which we would move to a world where everyone is included. A call to action for athletes, supporters and society at large to join us in proving what we are all capable of. 


Unlike other similar brands in the space, our brand had to be bold and inspire action - we didn't want to just build awareness around adaptive sports - we were aiming for something higher - we wanted to ignite a movement that could forever change the way the world views disability. 

The name of the organisation needed to pay off the call to action while remaining grounded in what they actually do. Move United urges you to join us, while also suggesting that we will accomplish our goals through the movement and even alluding to the fact that this is the leading organisation in the United States when we compete internationally. 

The visual identity was born from the idea of breaking down the stereotypes, shattering the current narrative and redefining what disability looks like for the future. To accomplish this, we take the actual word "disability", break it down into 26 pieces, and then build an entirely new alphabet from those pieces which would create our logo and inform the entire visual identity. 

The unique look and feel of Move United's brand is based on a patchwork design, reflecting the patchwork of community-based adaptive sports organisations that are at the heart of Move United. The various patterns in the patchwork reflect the many disabilities served by Move United. Furthermore, the flexible dynamic system of patterns also allude to the American flag. The addition of a light blue and pink shows we are all included - while at the same time remaining distinctly American. 

We knew that we couldn't stop with just defining the brand. Movements require activation to incite participation and ownership in the cause. Our first activation was the Adapt At Home kit, which helps athletes who need movement to stay healthy and remain active, while access to adaptive sports leagues and facilities were interrupted during the pandemic. We then created a series of activations that urge athletes and supporters in the adaptive sports world and beyond to join the movement with covetable swag from across the sports landscape. 

"There is nothing like the power of sport. Sport makes us stronger; physically, psychologically and socially. That is true for people with and without disabilities, but often today's youth and adults with disabilities have few opportunities to participate. Our vision is to redefine how society views disability and our partnership with Superunion has been really valuable on our journey to achieve this."

Glenn Merry
Executive Director of Move United