Inspiring consumers to achieve a balanced life.

Achieving a perfect balance of heritage and modernity for China’s oldest healthcare brand.

In China the younger generation is increasingly looking past traditional Chinese medicines and toward Western approaches to healthy lifestyles.

But that’s not to say anyone is turning their back on a proud heritage. Chinese medicine, renowned for its health benefits, is full of distinctive shapes, colours and patterns that resonate strongly today.

We worked with Tong Ren Tang, China’s largest and oldest healthcare company, to create Motiv, a vitamin supplement brand that strikes a perfect balance of tradition and technology, aimed at achieving a balanced approach to nutrition, and life.

Founded in 1669, Tong Ren Tang, TRT, is China’s oldest healthcare company. It is the largest producer of traditional Chinese medicine in the world, dating back to the Qing Emperor Dynasty.

When TRT asked us to evolve the design of its flagship Motiv vitamin supplement range, our task was to inspire a younger generation of Chinese consumers living Westernised lifestyles to buy into the brand.

At the heart of our design challenge was the need to strike a perfect balance. On the one hand, the 300-year heritage and expertise of TRT in Chinese medicines needed to be elevated. While on the other, the modern, Western-inspired Motiv brand innovation needed to shine through.

To create a brand that speaks to a new generation, we drew inspiration from the Chinese ethos of achieving a ‘healthy mind in a healthy body’, a philosophy that believes in optimising body health to improve the mind for success in life.

The pack concept is inspired by the shape and form found in the traditional Chinese pottery, yet designed in a new contemporary way. Three years of prototyping and manufacturing process development followed and the original idea of fusing ancient pottery with the organic cell structure was born.

The Motiv brand finds a perfect balance between modern and traditional. Designed in a way that allows multiple packs to stack together with interlocking ridges, the vitamin containers now act as an artful interpretation of organic cells in bold colours, creating a visual theatre in a competitive retail environment.

New Motiv first became available to buy in China in March 2019, and we continue working with TRT on helping the business inspire its customers to achieve a perfect balance in life.