LSEG Annual Report

A business transformed in size and scale. 


LSEG (London Stock Exchange Group) is more than a diversified global financial markets infrastructure and data business. 

In January 2021, LSEG completed the acquisition of Refinitiv, which transformed the size, scale and range of business activities. To reflect this significant change, the narrative has been split, with the first section focusing on LSEG in its new form; and the second section provides commentary on the Group's financial performance in 2020. 

LSEG's role as a systematically important business was again demonstrated in 2020 as financial markets and the wider global economy faced the significant challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic and macro-economic uncertainty. Nonetheless, the Group has continued to perform well with total income up 6% to 2.4 billion. 

In addition to explaining the transformation of the Group, the report focused on making often complex information accessible. 



With the Refinitiv acquisition came the launch of a new visual identity. The brief was to design a report that reflected LSEG's new positioning. As a trusted partner to customers, LSEG continues to offer open access to global markets and essential opportunities for all. 

With this idea of transparency and trust the historic coat of arms was used on the cover and dividers to help reassure investors and reflect the brand's 300 years of stability and high performance. 

'Platform' style graphics were used throughout to illustrate LSEG's commitment to growth and development. Infographics helped to simplify and communicate complex information. 


Over the years we have worked with LSEG on creating an annual report that explains their unique role in financial markets. They are now not only a diversified markets infrastructure business but also a data and analytics service provider. Through acquisitions, LSEG have grown into a unique and complex business. 

The Group's three business divisions operate across a financial markets value chain, that operates on a global scale. The use of graphics, icons and tables help to visualise the value chain and the ecosystem of the business, enabling users to see how each segment is connected. 

The 'At a glance' section within the remuneration report was expanded to include an up front section focusing on the impact of Covid-19. This section also contains other key information provided graphically, improving accessibility.