Legal & General

Inclusive Capitalism


With over £1.2 trillion assets, Legal & General is one of Europe's largest insurance and asset management groups. Founded in 1836 with the purpose to improve the lives of its customers, building a better society and creating value for shareholders, to date, Legal & General has invested over £25 billion in direct investments such as homes, urban regeneration, clean energy and small business finance. 

But in spite of its phenomenal success, Legal & General barely draws attention to itself, keeping heads down and concentrating on the service the business provides for their customers, society, employees and shareholders every day. 

For an organisation bursting with diverse amazing stories of the good it is doing, Legal & General needed a clear narrative to hold everything together. To free the brand, yet iconic, from rigid constraints. To create a cohesive connection between the company's success and the bigger story it wanted to tell. The story of a business with the responsibility, size and reach to leave behind a better world. 

Our approach was simple. Don't reinvent. Just dial it up. 


We set out to take what was already there, power it up and make it work harder. We took the rather complex brand framework and shone a light on Legal & General's unique approach to doing business: 'Inclusive Capitalism'. A form of capitalism, which in the words of its CEO, Nigel Wilson, 'puts in place ways to make people benefit from economic growth'.

This means thinking big, acting smart, and always striving to do the right thing. To ensure the investments that lift up the bottom line are the same decisions that build up society. To be a humble champion for so many different lives. And to prove - and keep proving - that going beyond business is good for business. 

We set off to start filling the gaps in the brand. Bit by bit, we took each part and dialled it up, made it shine to reflect this inspiring vision and the role Legal & General plays in its customers' lives. To tell their stories that capture the hearts and minds of its audience. 

With a new personality - 'bright', 'calm', and most importantly, 'real' - we created a new image library to reflect the shape of real lives in the UK. We tweaked the colours to be digitally accessible, created a shorthand logo for social, defined tone of voice and motion principles, and introduced a new illustration style full of charm and wit to help explain all aspects of the business. And for Pride month we made L&G even more inclusive by adding more rainbow colours to its iconic umbrella. 

The refined visual identity was expressed in an updated, a new brand hub, the HQ interiors and in the Legal & General annual report. 

The result was a 200-year old brand that remained true to itself, but that now had all the brand tools they needed to amplify the great work they do and tell a consistent and coherent story.