Creating nature’s imprint on our imagination.  

Singapore is one of the world’s most densely populated and expensive urban environments. Yet it’s also a City in a Garden, nestled amid the lush greenery of over 370 regional and neighbourhood parks.

Our Creative Director Scott Lambert’s Leaving Impressions asks us to look up, look again, and look closer at our relationship with nature. Connecting with the interplay between wildlife and our inner life. With a lasting imprint of the lasting imprint nature leaves on our imaginations.

While today children spend half as much time playing outdoors as their parents, the collection’s first shoot sprouted from Scott’s own daughter. She dragged him out to the garden to look at a two-metre-long palm leaf that, in her own words, “looked ginormously cool”. 

It prompted Scott to reappraise the greenery growing through the grey of his home city. Using the time-honoured method of printing directly from real leaves to capture its native silhouettes, textures and foliage. Each piece stems from nature, and is completely unique, reminding us of the time spent away from our screens, in a park and outdoors, that leaves a lasting impression on our imagination.

Displayed at Singapore Botanic Gardens in early 2019, the exhibition returns an outdoor story to a fittingly outdoor environment. A calming reminder of the one-off nature of every single piece of nature. As well as a simple symbol of the individual connections just waiting to be kindled by each.

Leaving Impressions can be followed on Instagram: @leavingimpressions.

“The leaves of Singapore belong to everyone, we just have to remember to play, to have fun, to imagine familiar things in new ways. And if we find ourselves gazing up at the world rather than staring down at a screen, I’m sure that’s something we all could benefit from."

Creative Director, Singapore


Graphis Poster Awards


The Drum Design Awards