Banking that reflects you. 


Meet ila, the new bank that lives on your mobile. Powered by Bank ABC, ila is a smarter way to manage money. Seamless. Digital. Personalised. 

Ila is the latest in a series of firsts from the world's leading bank, headquartered in Bahrain, created to change the banking game in the Middle East and position Bahrain at the next frontier of the fintech revolution in the region. 

To help Bank ABC deliver on its promise, we created a brand that reflects the lives of its young customers. Their needs and aspirations, and what matters to them - and the world they live in, that is fast, connected and always online, with things they need never more than a swipe away. 


Our strategy is built from Bank ABC's bold ambition - to create a tech pioneer that disrupts and inspires, the one that truly understands the new generation of customers. 

Ila is built on data, analytics and AI, to offer products and services that reflect its customers' needs, like no other bank in the region.

With features like 'safe to spend,' savings and spending goals, and an AI assistant named Fatema, via the smartphone, ila is a bank that mirrors what customers really want in life, and support them on their journey, every step of the way, wherever the destination. 

We defined a purpose for the brand - Banking that reflects you, and a name - ila - meaning 'to' in Arabic that presents the idea of a journey, and its destination. 

The personality and tone of voice are friendly, simple and honest, designed to make daily interactions informal and easy, and connections intuitive and effortless. 

The magic of the identity is in its dual language, that literally reflects English to Arabic, and mirrors the region's dual language audience. The brand is designed to be playful, bold and dynamic, for the bank that is new, modern and tech savvy, just like its customers. 

A pared back colour palette of navy blue and bright green is designed to grab attention on screen and reinforce the functional simplicity of the service. It signifies the green light for the financial freedom that ila gives to its customers, making it easier to live the choices they make and the lives they want. 

Working with the bank's marketing and UX teams, we created a go-to-market campaign and helped design the expression for the app interface, that seamlessly connects technology with a human-centric design to redefine banking for the next generation. 

With an online experience built around the customer, ila became a friend for life for a new generation of banking customers in the Middle East, the bank that evolves and grows with them, reflecting their lives, their future and the future of the region.