Gran Reserva

Gran Reserva

Bacardi brings to their portfolio a new brand: Santa Teresa. A very traditional Venezuelan Rum created in 1796. It´s premium and authentic, because it´s the first brand with controlled origin denomination “Venezuelan Rum” and there are only 2 in the world. And it is also a product with high artisanal quality, with mixtures up to 35 years old.

Our main challenge was give life to a brand that can charm its target audience, being the growth engine of the business and leadership in the category.


It was clear to us that this kind of drink plays in a category with few differentiation and normally related to friendship, social life, ourselves. Competitors are driving their brands mainly to an artificial, superficial and also fanciful territory, with exotic places and social enjoyment, but really empty.

We understood through market tendencies, if Santa Teresa wanted to be Premium, what makes it premium is their attitude, a genuine attitude, with legacy (their history), singularity (unique and complex flavour). But their main differential is their identity and character: a human vision. They wanted to transform the rum with the courage and commitment to improve lives of their community through Rugby, using the sport also to reinsert criminal gangs into the society.

Gran Reserva is anything but reserved… on the Rugby pitch.


It’s no wonder then that Santa Teresa rum is such a special rum. Its history has been macerating for more than 220 years... a persistent, powerful history, which is perceived in all its nuances of ripe fruit and battles won, wood and iron wills. A history of villains turned into heroes, twinned enemies, birds flying on land and oval balloons.

So when you taste a glass of Santa Teresa rum and feel your inner courage can change the world, do not think that is because you’re drinking rum. No sir. It’s because you’re drinking its soul.


Rugby is thoroughly authentic for Santa Teresa as it is used as a main transformational tool for the brand social programs. There is a perfect communion between Rugby and Santa Teresa: Boldness, strength, elegance, commitment, authenticity, resilience and a sense of humor, are personality traits associated with this “thug’s game played by gentlemen”.

From the rugby team, we extract our key visual.
We transform the horizontal lines of the Rugby uniform in two strips for Santa Teresa Gran Reserva. We also used all the elements in order to reinforce the strongness of the Rugby, such as the colour palette and typography.



Santa Teresa Gran Reserva New Identity was launched in March of this year. For Santa Teresa it was a rediscovered of their real proposal in the community giving more values to their social projects. They had also to review all their creative processes with their agencies, to guarantee the brand was very well understood and developed in marketing materials.

Thanks to the Superunion team we have managed to create a Brand Visual Identity that has been a success throughout the different Bacardi teams and also in the Santa Teresa team in Venezuela including its Brand Comitee. We are very happy and grateful with all the work that has been done. ”

Laura Basoco Pascual
Bacardi (Responsible of Santa Teresa Brand)