Achieving social progress through technology for the beloved Indonesian brand.

Go-Jek, a motorbike ride-hailing and delivery service, is Indonesia’s first homegrown unicorn. Started in 2010 from just 20 motorbike taxis, or ‘ojeks’, found throughout Indonesia, it quickly grew into a multi-billion dollar mobile platform business, built on the belief in the power of technology to achieve social progress.

Go-Jek is woven into the fabric of Indonesian everyday life, providing services across 50 cities, from taxi rides and deliveries to mobile payments and even school pick-ups. But the success attracts imitation, with Uber and Grab launching in the market.


Our response was a brand that captured the uniquely Indonesian, go-getting spirit of Go-Jek, while expressing its clear leadership position to protect and prepare the business for the next stage of growth.

Inspired by Go-Jek’s unbreakable spirit, we created a brand that reinforces its leadership position in the Indonesian market and prepares the business for the next stage of growth.

Go-Jek is a real brand of the people, born on the streets of the common man, not in a corporate glass tower.

The brand manifesto, ‘Indonesia, Let’s Go,’ tells the story of a country and a society on the move, fueled by insatiable optimism and speaking to a multitude of audiences - consumers, drivers, merchants and employers.

Inspired by the national pride and beautiful imperfections of life on the streets, we created a bright visual language, purposefully low-fi, warmly human and proudly Indonesian. 

Our new positioning and identity impact every element of the Go-Jek brand –from its app interface to brand architecture and partnerships. There is now a great consistency across brand communications, which is essential as the brand continues to grow, with riders across Southeast Asia delivering positive social impact through technology.