Making complex technology more human.

Terrorism, ransomware, child pornography, arms trafficking – all activities that run rampant in the dark web and all linked by difficult-to-trace cryptocurrencies used to hide these crimes from the law.

As a crucial resource in this ongoing battle between online law enforcement and criminal activity, Elliptic develops cutting-edge technology to help cryptocurrency companies, financial institutions and government agencies to detect and investigate illicit activity.

We developed a brand that tells the human story of its complex technology – finding truth in data.

Founded in 2013, and fuelled by the commercial adoption of blockchain technology, Elliptic rapidly transformed from a highly specialised start-up to a global force.

To support its growth, we created a brand that is rooted in its forensic capabilities and communicates its vital role in today’s world.

The identity uses negative space typography, inspired by the raw language of data blocks, the foundation of the blockchain. The creative idea reflects Elliptic’s own search and discovery process, guiding the viewer to locate certain hidden terms – truth, terrorists, guns, fraud, ransomware and more – within posters, brochures and other materials.

The legibility is deliberately challenging to echo the difficult task Elliptic undertakes, while a simple black and white palette reflects the gravitas of the issue in the black and white crypto world where legal cases often rely on Elliptic intelligence.

The result is an identity that helps the brand stand out amongst its technology peers, the one that tells the story behind the Elliptic offer in a human way.



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