Delivering an integrated brand experience.


Diageo is the world’s largest premium drinks company and custodian of some of the most iconic beverage brands in the world.

Its success has come from a mix of innovation, skill and an entrepreneurial spirit that goes back to trailblazers like Arthur Guinness, John Walker and Charles Tanqueray.

Behind all of its brands is a single purpose: Celebrating life, every day, everywhere.

We created a brand experience strategy to present this idea to the world, bringing together the company’s history, corporate social responsibility credentials and commitment to innovation.


in FTI Consulting's annual Social Divide Index 


engagement increase since launch


A new Diageo website sits at the heart of our strategy. We designed it to both reflect and articulate the brand, based on the concept of fluid content. Wherever visitors are on the site, they can explore stories that are relevant to them. The result is a website that reflects the breadth of Diageo’s operations and the scale of its ambitions, and puts quality content in front of the right people at the right time.

Our strategy also gave Diageo the opportunity to reach and influence more people on Twitter, Instagram and other social media channels. We created striking infographics and imagery to support everything from campaign announcements and product launches to sustainability initiatives and annual and interim results.

Since our work launched, there has been a significant jump in engagement and in February 2017, Diageo was ranked first in FTI Consulting’s annual Social Divide index.

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