Bringing modern prestige to the luxury drinks sector.

For Chivas Regal, the second largest blended Scotch whisky brand in the world, making any changes whatsoever is a delicate business. But when it discovered people wanted a new whisky that aims to impress at parties, Chivas decided to craft a new addition for its prestige portfolio.

It would be a blend of five of Chivas’ most prestigious single malts, one for each of the master blenders in its history.

The big idea was the quintessence of the heart and soul of Chivas Regal. Our job was to bring that to life through a name, product concept, bottle design, graphic territory, packaging, drinks ritual, brand reveal film, duty-free journey and brand activation.

We called it Chivas Regal Ultis – the ultimate whisky in the portfolio, audaciously combining the rich history of the Chivas House and the modernity of an approach drawn from the perfume industry.

The modern and statuesque vials are a reinterpretation of brand identity codes for traditional flasks. They’re meticulously detailed and made from the highest quality materials.

We also developed the launch strategy and materials for international duty-free and clubs, letting people discover the new product through all five senses.

As a result, Chivas Regal entered the new whisky age with a bang. And the team was so happy with our work, they asked us to develop the full Duty-Free journey and brand activation for the international launch.

"Everything was very well received – the best I have seen a product received in my years working at CBL."

Global Marketing Manager, Chivas Ultra-Premium & Prestige



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Images by Shannon Sturgis and Sylvere Azoulai