Attracting new audiences with a new brand.

ARTE is a Franco-German television network promoting culture and the arts. Since its creation in 1991, the public channel has stood for cultural diversity and multilingualism, offering high-quality programmes to 60% of Europeans in their native language.

With a remit to be Europe’s leading culture channel, ARTE gathers content together with unique micro-trends, and broadcasts these programmes across Europe to an audience of 25.7 million viewers a month.

Our brief was to build a connection between the channel and a younger audience, without alienating its established viewership.

We recognised that ARTE needed a system that could create contrast and pace for an engaging and entertaining experience. So we used ARTE’s diverse content as inspiration.


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of Europeans viewing in their native language

We worked closely with Cécile Chavepayre, ARTE’s creative director, to develop a strategy that brings unity across the brand in a flexible system.

Inspired by the observation that ARTE gathers and curates all of Europe’s culture, we developed a brand idea that positioned ARTE as Europe’s cultural magnet.

Combining magnetism with art, we created a visual identity that reimagines the ARTE logo as a magnet. Text and various objects are pulled across screen in the idents, promos and stings to draw in a viewer’s attention. A forest of snow-covered trees bending forward in unison. Paint pulled out of a still life masterpiece. Words dragged straight off the page of a novel. The perfect morsel of entertainment in between shows.

"ARTE now has an idea that brings unity across our brand and also gives us the freedom to represent the breadth of our content."

Creative Director, ARTE

The idea was applied across all of ARTE’s touch points, from broadcast to print, each animation telling its own story with a touch of wit and charm, and an injection of warmth. Sound design brought animations to life reflecting the magnetic tension and underpinning the moving-images.

The work was awarded a D&AD Pencil and, most importantly of all, the idea resonated equally well with our clients in France and Germany alike.

We continue to work with ARTE today.


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