We are Superunion Amsterdam, the Dutch hub of Superunion's global network. 
We believe in the power of ideas to create positive, meaningful change.
For over 35 years we have been on the forefront of creativity in Amsterdam and beyond. During this time, we've had the privilege to work with some of the world's most iconic, innovative and category-defining brands including Heineken,
Albert Heijn, Etos, GAMMA and Danone. The long-term nature of our partnerships is testament to the passion of our people and the impact of our creativity.


Amsterdam is a creative hotspot, the home to global brands, and a magnet for world-class talent and unorthodox ideas. This beautiful city is our hometown and an urban laboratory. Situated in Amsteldok in the WPP campus on the bank of the historic Amstel River, the Superunion Amsterdam studio is the creative inspiration for our team and strong portfolio of our world-leading clients. 

We are part of Superunion's global network with 750 people across 17 countries, with clients including NASA, Microsoft, Bank of America, Intel, Colgate, Ford and Nestlé. Our group billings exceed $100 million worldwide.


Creativity with a purpose is in our agency DNA. We believe creativity is fundamental to the success of business and makes the world a more inspiring, fulfilling and dynamic place. Whatever shape or form it comes in, creativity drives innovation, product design and customer experience. It attracts - and retains - inspiring talent. It has the power to influence cultures and positively impact the world. 

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Our leadership team brings influence, opinions and expertise to every project. Collectively, we have played an important role in defining the brand landscape in Amsterdam and beyond for the last 35 years. With expertise in brand strategy, identity, packaging design, communications and brand management, we shape the brands of the future.


Superunion Amsterdam leadership team: Anthony Ford, Angelique de Hont, Robbert Dickmann, Elseline Ploem, Ditte Glebbeek, Gaston van de Laar, Peter Eisen. 

Angelique de Hont,
Managing Director.

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