20 Aug 2019

Win win

Carousell, one of the largest e-commerce platforms in Asia, unveiled a new look by our Singapore team.

Carousell, one of the largest e-commerce platforms in Asia, unveiled a new brand positioning and visual identity created by our Singapore team. The updated brand is being rolled out across Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia.

The new brand captures the power of positive experiences and possibilities living in the Carousell ecosystem, an app-first, peer-to-peer, digital marketplace where consumers and businesses exchange goods and services, including personal items like fashion and electronics, as well as cars and properties. 

The idea behind Carousell’s new visual identity is that behind every Carousell transaction is a win-win story. What sets Carousell apart from other online shopping platforms is that it is two people, a buyer and seller, who come together to make an exchange happen, which is the 'magic moment.' The new visual identity leverages bright colour, charming illustrations, motion and overlapping shapes to bring these magic moments to life.

The Carousell platform has also been updated to be in line with the visual identity, simplifying its user interface and marketing communications to focus on Carousellers’ items and stories.

Cassandra Leong, Brand Marketing Lead for Carousell, said: "Working with Superunion was a pleasure as they engaged the whole organisation, across departments and seniority, in arriving at a narrative and identity that captures our best selves. They have been true to what we stand for and yet have pushed us forward in terms of the brand identity and customer experience.”

Ambrish Chaundry, Managing Strategy Director Asia said: "Working on the Carousell rebranding project has been very exciting for us. As they build momentum around regional expansion and widen their offering, it’s a perfect time to remind the world what makes Carousell special – a community of real people, “Carousellers”, who all want what is best for each other.”