18 Sep 2018

Webinar: Untapped Potential

Using social media to amplify your corporate performance to non-investor audiences.

Are you looking for ways to make more of the relevant and useful content from your annual report and results? Do you want to understand how you can engage a wider range of stakeholders with this content on social media, beyond investors?

In our recent research we looked at how companies can amplify the content from their annual report and results to influence and engage key stakeholders such as employees, customers, retail shareholders and potential employees through social media.

We reviewed a sample of 40 listed companies across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube, and analysed 74,000 social media interactions and 539 posts to explore:

  • Which companies are doing it best?
  • How frequently are they posting their annual report and results content?
  • Which social channels are the most effective for communicating this type of content?
  • Which content types lead to the highest engagement?
  • What does the ideal social post consist of?

Join us for a webinar on 3rd October where we’ll share key highlights from our research.

When: Wednesday 3rd October at 1pm

Register here