5 Sep 2019

Upstream Livestream

Jim Prior Talks Creativity with Shout’s Victoria Hornby.

In the fifth episode of Upstream Livestream, Victoria Hornby, CEO of Shout, talks about the phenomenon of Shout, a free text messaging service that provides support for people in crisis, and discussed the societal role of technology in promoting conversations around mental health.

In this interview Victoria explores the potential of using data to identify and understand mental health issues, and how we can develop tools to meet those needs.

She also looks at the role technology plays in creating problems, arguing “we do have to change our relationship with technology and think about how we educate ourselves to use it better’, and discusses the growing mental health crisis and the importance of children and young people reaching out for help.

For businesses that want to get involved, it’s less about monetary contribution and more about communication. Victoria calls out businesses that have promoted volunteering for Shout amongst its staff, and the positive conversations to be had around volunteering, skills knowledge and understanding of the charity. 

Finally, Victoria discusses the biggest challenges facing the charity sector as a whole, looking at how the conversation can be changed to focus on outcomes rather than deliverables. 

If you want to get involved in Shout - go to www.giveusashout.org or if you are in need of support, text 08258. The service operates 24/7. 

Upstream Livestream is a video series in which Superunion’s Global CEO, Jim Prior, sits down with senior executives from a variety of backgrounds for an informal and wide-ranging conversation with an underlying focus on creativity – and the many ways it can be manifested to drive business growth.

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