29 Apr 2019

Upstream Livestream

Jim Prior talks creativity with What We Seee’s Misan Harriman.

In the third episode of the Upstream Livestream series, Misan Harriman, the founder of the curated premium content network What We Seee, talks about storytelling, authenticity and working with social media platforms.

Misan explains why he thinks people now want “an intense personal experience” and are ready to spend time with high quality, engaging video content rather than throwaway clickbait.

He details how he was excited by the potential new platforms like Instagram and Facebook offered to deliver expertly chosen content at scale – content that paradoxically “takes the noise of the internet away.”

Misan also explains how brands can tell their story in a non-contrived way via interesting narratives and unexpected associations to create a genuine emotional reaction in viewers.

Misan Harriman is a compulsive sharer of art, words and films that excite him, He is Nigerian by birth, schooled in England and a world traveller and started What We Seee in 2015.

What We Seee is one of the fastest growing social publishers that offers content in art, music, history and cinematic experience. It achieves 2m video views a day and reaches 1.5 billion people a year across Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Spotify, Apple News and Music and beyond.

Upstream Livestream is a video series in which Superunion’s Global CEO, Jim Prior, sits down with senior executives from a variety of backgrounds for an informal and wide-ranging conversation with an underlying focus on creativity - and the many ways it can be manifested to drive business growth.

Guests on the show discuss their business and operational culture, their thoughts on industry trends and how they nurture talent, and the role of creativity to address the business challenges today.

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"Brands have to find a way to hold your attention and have their DNA be seen by the consumer in a way maybe they have not in the past.”