17 Mar 2019

Upstream Livestream

Jim Prior talks creativity with the Financial Times’ Jon Slade.

In the second episode of the Upstream Livestream series, Financial Times’ Chief Commercial Officer, Jon Slade, reflects on how technology has reshaped the publishing industry and pushed the FT to think more creatively about its operational strategy.

He explains how a teenager on work experience at the FT inspired the publisher to take innovative steps to engage with younger audiences via schools.

Jon delves into the fundamentals of the FT’s working culture as it prepares to move back to its original office at Bracken House and how this culture is based on the twin pillars of “tradition and transformation”.

Jon is a member of the board at the Financial Times and is the company’s first Chief Commercial Officer.

Upstream Livestream is a video series in which Superunion’s Global CEO, Jim Prior, sits down with senior executives from a variety of backgrounds for an informal and wide-ranging conversation with an underlying focus on creativity - and the many ways it can be manifested to drive business growth.

Guests on the show discuss their business and operational culture, their thoughts on industry trends and how they nurture talent, and the role of creativity to address the business challenges today. 

View the full video here.

I don’t think enough businesses put creativity front and centre within the thinking of a boardroom as they could do …Creativity, creative thinking, creative ways of approaching the opportunities that technology brings to business today play a really important part in how businesses are trying to grow.”

Chief Commercial Officer, Financial Times