14 Jun 2018

Upstream Creativity Uncanned

Sabah Ashraf, CEO North America, and John Shaw, Chief Strategy Officer, will take to the stage in Cannes to ask questions on how creativity can define the success of the business.

Creativity has steadily moved upstream, from ‘execution’ to the very heart of the best companies, where it is seen as a competitive advantage that brings vital differentiation through great branding and innovation.

This is evident in everything from who we see as business heroes, to M&A activity in the industry. Sabah and John will explore two examples of upstream creativity in action. First, White Moustache - a sustainable business that has pioneered the use of by-products to create new product lines, attracting huge attention. Secondly, the highly successful launch of the airline LEVEL, bringing a powerful idea to life throughout the customer experience. And to leave the seminar with a challenge, we will ask how to measure the effectiveness of creativity, when it’s applied to the very heart of the business, not just easily identifiable channels. 

Don’t miss Sabah and John in Cannes, Salle de Presse – Effectiveness Uncanned, Palais I