29 Oct 2018

Tom on BBC News

In a conversation with BBC News, Global Head of Offer, Tom Robinson, shares his view on on Amazon and Alphabet market results.

With Amazon reporting a record $2.9bn profit, and Alphabet posting a 37% rise in third-quarter results – still below expectations - are the Wall Street and the City falling out of love with tech stocks?

Tom talked about the imperative need, when assessing the business’performance, to take a holistic view on fundamentals of these businesses: the tech companies unquestionable understanding of the markets they are in, the right strategies, diverse portfolios, and investments that support their growth ambitions. Tom shared the view that companies like Amazon and Alphabet will continue to thrive, by realizing that their brands and reputation are not just about customers, but also tools to attract the right talent, and build relationships not just with regulators, but with the society more broadly.

Watch full interview on iPlayer here.