20 Mar 2018

The Power of Science

Pfizer, one of the world's leading biopharmaceutical companies, released its 2017 Annual Review recently. It's a project we're proud to have been part of. 

We’re passionate about great digital communication. So that means a relentless focus on creating simple, intuitive user experiences to bring our clients’ stories into sharp, vivid focus.

That’s a decent challenge at the best of times. When you’re dealing with nearly 50,000 words and nearly 100 visual assets – most of which are being created as the site is being designed and built – it certainly raises the bar a few notches. 

But still, the task was best seen as a matter of degree, rather than kind. The underlying principles remain constant.  Richness and variety of content; logical, coherent structures; thoughtful connections that make for rewarding, sometimes eye-opening, user journeys.  

If - collectively - we've succeeded, it's because of the exceptional collaboration between Pfizer, Superunion and our WPP agency partners, GCI Health.  A combined team of over 70 people, carefully choreographing their contributions over nearly 9 months, culminating in a faultless go-live. Gratitude and respect to them all.

The theme of the Review is The Power of Science. It’s an ambitious statement of both opportunity and responsibility, and it needed an equally ambitious site to do it credit.

We hope you find time to explore it.

View Pfizer 2017 Annual Review here.