29 May 2019

The Hangry Duck

Building a brand to keep ducks off the breadline.

The Butcher The Baker’ is an independent butchers/ bakery. Despite their popularity, there’s always bread leftover. Unwilling to add to UK’s food waste problem (44% of UK’s bread is wasted), they set up a microbrewery with Law Brewing Co. to transform their uneaten bread into a one-off IPA sold solely instore.

The brand had to stand out in the crowded craft beer sector.

Beer made from bread is a great idea. It makes sense to everyone… except ducks. Diverting leftovers from their pond means they go hungry. When they go hungry, they get angry. We built a brand based on their outrage: The Hangry Duck.

One duck takes a stand. He furiously flyposts the bottles to make sure his quacks don’t go unheard. Protest messaging fights hard and every poster is signed by hand with the ruffled feathers of The Hangry Duck. He will  keep ducks off the breadline.

D&AD Awards - Shortlist
Design Week Awards - Shortlist
The Drum Design Awards - Shortlist