Superunion x Global Design Forum

15 Sep 2019 15:09

Stuart Radford and Katherina Tudball discuss collaboration at this year’s Global Design Forum.

Collaboration is the sacrosanct definition of creativity. But does the definition tell the truth? BBC Two’s recent rebrand – its first in 20 years – was created in collaboration by BBC Creative, Superunion and over a dozen renowned digital artists and animators around the world, including the Mill, Future Deluxe and Mainframe. Each with the creative freedom to interpret the brief and express their own ideas. 

Accept and Proceed were tasked by NASA to develop a typeface to help everyone from school children to senators understand how water moves across the globe. Working closely with NASA scientists the typeface Grace-FO Display that interprets data from two satellites that can be used by the scientists to communicate the mission. In both cases how did the designers open up their processes to collaborate across industries? Can there be an agreement at the end of the debate? In what way will designers need to work collaboratively to design across platforms, what platforms will they be and what will they need to communicate?

  • Chair: Rachael Steven, Associate Editor, Creative Review
  • Katherina Tudball, Creative Director, Superunion; Member of the Board of Trustees, D&AD
  • Matthew Jones, Creative Director, Accept & Proceed 
  • Michael Lean, Head of Brand Strategy, BBC Creative 
  • Stuart Radford, Executive Creative Director, Superunion

15th September 2019
3:20pm - 4:10pm

Hochhaser Auditorium
Cromwell Rd 
SW7 2RL