18 Dec 2020

Superunion rebrands Julie's to champion unity, optimism and humility

Our Singapore team partners with Julie's confectionery to create the first rebrand in its 35-year history. 

Julie's, a popular Malaccan biscuit confectionary, and home to household favourites such as the Peanut Butter sandwich biscuit and Love Letters, has undergone a brand revitalisation for the first time in its 35 year history, boldly embarking on a journey to bridge the world, one biscuit at a time. Working closely with the Julie's team, Superunion defined a new brand direction that embraced what is cherished within the brand today, and stirred them with some fresh ingredients for tomorrow. 

For a business that exports to over 80 countries, the brand centres around an ambition to "Bridge the World", bringing to the forefront the company's focus on being a purpose-driven and future forward business. As explained by Tzy Horng Sai, Director at Julie's, "We're incredibly proud of our heritage at Julie's, but the time is ripe for a pivotal change in how we express our brand. The essence of the brief was to make biscuits young again, capturing the spirit of our new consumers, and celebrating not only the quality of our products, but what they do. Working with Superunion, our strategic approach was inspired by the way that people come together to share snacks, making Julie's a natural conduit for conversation; something that is needed more and more around the world. Our revitalised brand expresses efficiently what has always been present in our cultural DNA - our passion to do good, exciting and enjoyable biscuit treats, and most of all, how Julie's brings people closer together." 

Part of the design challenge was focused on rejuvenating the brand for a digital era with renewed zest, but without losing the brand's much-loved accessibility. The brand's colour palette was updated to lead with an optimistic yellow and the endearing logotype was given a makeover. A new sun-ray graphic device features prominently on packaging, creating a highly visible brand device that unites the full product range on-shelf, and provides an appropriate expression of happiness for the diverse multicultural audiences across Julie's global export markets. The biggest change however, is the brand icon of Julie herself. Senior Designer, Daniel Goh says "Beyond an icon, we wanted to create an icon brand that inspires. The brave and humble girl, Julie, has always been at the heart of the brand, and will always be an icon of what the company stands for: effervescent, evergreen, confident, hopeful and adventurous. It's been a fantastic journey working with the ambitious team at Julie's and we're excited to see the brand flourish." 


Julie's new brand identity and packaging launched in December in their home markets of Malaysia and Singapore, with rollout for export markets planned to begin in early to mid 2021. 

To experience the refreshed brand world, head to www.julies.com.my, or locate the new Peanut Butter and Cheese Sandwich packs in major supermarkets island-wide.