Superunion Presents: Magnum Photos


Superunion hosts a conversation with iconic Magnum Photos, the most respected collective of photographers in the world.

Magnum are united in the belief that their most important role is to record the human condition, in the outside world, as compassionately as possible.

When Henri Cartier-Bresson, Robert Capa, David Seymour "Chim" and George Rodger founded Magnum Photos in 1947 in New York, they were driven by a need to capture the state of the world after the devastations of a World War. Since that time, Magnum photographers have turned their lenses to all the great social, political and economic turning points in our shared history.

With a continued commitment to documenting cause and purpose, their work defies convention, challenges the status quo, and shapes the visual and cultural discourse.

Now, more than ever, we need stories that highlight a commitment to the greater good, that speak to a desire - and duty - to create positive change in the world.

The purpose-driven society cares about your views on the world, what you're doing to make change, your brand's story. And who's telling it.


21st January 2021 - 6pm GMT/1pm EST

Guest Speakers

Olivia Arthur, Magnum Photographer

olivia-arthur-1440 (1).jpg

Cristina de Middel, Magnum Photographer

cristina-de-middel-1440 (1).jpg

Paolo Pellegrin, Magnum Photographer

paolo-pellegrin-1440 (1).jpg

Christopher Peregrin, Magnum Photos' Head of Partnerships

Join us for a conversation with a group of Magnum photographers, as they talk about making work, telling meaningful stories, and the value of collaboration.

Image credits: Olivia Arthur, Cristina de Middel, Paolo Pellegrin


A Tale of Two Presidents

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