25 Sep 2020

Superunion joins the line-up for FastCo Innovation Festival 2020

Our New York team is excited to take part in the first-ever virtual FastCo Innovation Festival, that focuses on "Innovation for Good". 

Our New York team is excited to take part in the first-ever virtual FastCo Innovation Festival. With a focus on "Innovation for Good", the festival will shine its lens on innovative companies, leaders, strategies and trends that are helping to build a truly better tomorrow. 

The team will join FastCo's mentoring programme, aimed to create personal connections between attendees and companies making innovative headway within their industries. With access to a team of experts across various areas, mentees will have the opportunity to gain one-on-one advice and truly personalised inspiration, from technology and design, to innovation, leadership and social good. 

Superunion line-up: 

"Embracing and Hiring for Diversity" - Sabah Ashraf, North America CEO. 

Sabah has always been an advocate of diversity and inclusion and believes that our differences can be empowering. Join her as she discusses how leaders can build a diverse team and culture; why it's important to look for potential, not just current skills when hiring; and how to amplify the impact these decisions have on individuals, the entire staff base and beyond. 

"Diversifying the Talent Pool" - Ross Clugston, Executive Creative Director. 

It's more important than ever to build diverse creative teams and cultivate creativity beyond the textbook definition of what it means to be a "creative". Ross believes that in order to produce the best work of your life, you must be passionate about something beyond your 9-5. For Ross, that's building surfboards in Rockaway and he encourage members of his teams to also have a side hustle. In this session, mentees will be able to discuss how to encourage non-traditional creative thinking in your work and your team's work. 

"Creativity during Covid" - Rick Slusher, Creative Director. 

For in-house creatives and agency creatives, the pandemic has forced us to re-create the experience of a creative environment at home and that transition hasn't always been the smoothest. Join Rick as he explains how he uses virtual tools for creative serendipity, keeps his inspiration fresh, and how Superunion has empowered everyone to be a creative during this time. 

"Using Creativity to make a Difference" - Ian Cully, Creative Technologist. 

In response to the recent Black Lives Matter movement, some of our Superunion people teamed up to create a website, endyoursilence.com, that acts as a central hub of resources and ways to support the movement. Ian examines how creative company side projects, like endyoursilence.com can make a difference both internally and externally at the studio and for employees. 

About Fast Company Innovation Festival 2020:

This year's festival is an immersive multisession online experience bringing together thousands of makers and innovators from across the globe - on a single digital event platform - for 5 days of inspiration, connection and meaningful takeaways. 

Monday 5th - Friday 8th October. 

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