1 Mar 2018

Superunion helps Diageo retain top spot

Diageo takes first place in FTI Consulting’s annual FTSE 100 Social Divide index for the second year running.

“Gone are the days when company reporting would be compiled into a long set of often unfathomable charts" – says Ant Moore, Head of FTI Consulting’s Digital Practice, and commissioner of the Social Divide index. “These days more enlightened companies are turning to the likes of Instagram and LinkedIn to share simple infographics, video footage and animations which bring to life the story of the company’s strategy and performance.”

The index, which is in its sixth year, analyses the volume, quality and impact of all FTSE 100 companies’ results announcements across Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube.

“The sixth annual analysis revealed new trends in reporting and an emphasis by corporates on creating and sharing content designed to influence.”

Diageo’s success is the result of using social media to engage with different audiences in key moments. We helped Diageo to create striking and original assets, including infographics, factsheets and tweet cards, that can be used across social media.

This strategy has allowed Diageo to control the story around its results, and has also seen posts being shared on Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

“Audiences are lapping up the content too – with more people engaging with the content than we’ve seen before” adds Moore.

In this year’s Social Divide index, FTI Consulting has identified a breakaway group of FTSE 100 companies – which it calls the 1000 Club – whose results posts have achieved over 1000 engagements across social channels. These high performers, led by Diageo, are using innovative content and new formats to stay ahead of the pack.

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