20 Nov 2019

One Show win

The One Show Greater China Awards 2019 is the top regional creative awards show for the Greater China area launched by The One Club.

Premium healthcare brand, Tong Ren Tang, TRT Health, was awarded a Bronze in the Design category. Created by our Shanghai team, the “Chinese box” is based on a Russian doll; the process of unboxing provides a unique and immersive experience by taking you into the steps from the traditional to the contemporary. This step-by-step process is similar to walking into the Forbidden City in Beijing, China – starting from the moat to the outer hall, inner hall and to the room that holds the finest treasure.

As a collection, each individual shape of the packaging is designed in well-crafted forms to be stacked on top of each other. This design provides more retail storage space yet also emphasizes customers in-store experience. As a secondary life, the packaging can also be reused as home décors.

Tong Ren Tang, TRT Health, combines the importance of Chinese traditional values with innovative design, representing what you have achieved, the respect you have earned and the life you deserve.

Massive congratulations to both our client and our teams in China!