13 Apr 2020

Now live: Legal & General Annual Report 2019

Legal & General releases their 2019 Annual Report, created by our London team.

It's been a busy season for the Superunion Corporate Reporting team, and we've finally resurfaced after the publication of most of our 2019 Annual Reports. We've got a couple still to come, and we're looking forward to sharing those once they are published!

Over the past few months, we've worked with many fantastic clients to produce great reports that communicate to a broad range of audiences. It's been a particularly interesting year as the external environment continues to change at a rapid pace, and our clients adapt in response. 

To us - reporting is such an important and genuinely interesting discipline, because each annual report represents a company's opportunity to reflect not only on past business performance, but also present a vision for the future. And in a world such as ours that is so full of noise, the opportunity for a 'single version of the truth' has never been more important.

So with that, we wanted to share with you a particularly exciting report that we've worked on this year. 

Legal & General 

We have worked with Legal & General on their Annual Report since 2008. Throughout our relationship we have continued to help them to improve and enhance their structure and disclosure, initially in print, but over the past five years digitally as well. The Legal & General annual report is consistently recognised as an industry leader for quality in reporting. 

We work with Legal & General to ensure that their Annual Report complies with all regulations, while at the same time communicating in an accessible way, as concisely as possible. Financial services companies, particularly those with a very long-term perspective, are difficult to explain. However, we don't shy away from explaining complex activities, such as how Legal & General uses long-term capital to transform towns and cities. 

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