4 Jun 2018

New platform for equality and diversity in Singapore

Superunion Singapore joins WPP agencies in APAC to launch a new initiative – MeWeWPP Singapore to champion equality and inclusion across the industry.

The identity for the campaign is designed by Superunion Design Director, Scott Lambert.

MeWeWPP’s aim is to raise awareness within Singapore’s marketing industry of the value of more diverse and inclusive working practices and to collectively promote real change across all levels for WPP’s community of more than 3,800 people in Singapore.  

To enable effective participation and equal opportunities, MeWeWPP will develop the equality agenda via a focus on three key pillars of Engagement; Empowerment and Equality. The aim is to create empowerment and awareness via training in the form of workshops and speaker events, policy development, mentoring and industry partnerships. This year, MeWeWPP will also conduct unconscious bias training and women’s executive workshops as part of its education initiative.

How to get involved:

Step 1: Join MeWeWPP on LinkedIn

Step 2: Select a pillar (or two or three) to get involved in Engagement. Empowerment. Equality.

Step 3: Sign up for our activities. Workshops, speaker series, become a mentor, receive mentorship, give back to the community.

Step 4: Join us as a committee member. Reach out to the founding council members via Singapore@superunion.com

Singapore’s Senior Minister of State, Ministry of Transport & Ministry of Communications and Information, Dr. Janil Puthucheary, who led the launch of the initiative, said: “The MeWeWPP initiative is a timely reminder for us all to look back on the successes and progress of Singapore, and to come together as one people and face future challenges. True change would require the participation of all, in order to overcome age-old biases at both the professional and personal level.”