11 Aug 2020

National Grid: Recently published

Our London team creates the 2019 Annual Report that expresses National Grid's purpose to 'Bring Energy to Life'.

National Grid lies at the heart of a transforming energy system. Their purpose is to 'Bring Energy to Life' - which they quite literally do by connecting millions of customers and communities across the UK and US to gas and electricity, safely, reliably and efficiently. 

We have worked with National Grid since 2015. During our relationship we have helped to articulate a narrative framework to articulate their purpose, rationalise and refresh elements of their brand, as well as improve and enhance their reporting structure and disclosure. 

This year's Annual Report seeks to bring National Grid's purpose to life by visually overlaying the concept of 'energy lines' over real-life imagery to help demonstrate how National Grid physically connects customers and communities to the energy that we vitally need. At the same time, the report sets out National Grid's evolved strategy, ongoing commitment to positive stakeholder outcomes, and renewed focus on leading the way to net zero through reduced carbon in the energy system. 

See the report here