8 Jun 2020

Move United

Superunion New York team creates brand to spark a movement that redefines disability. 

Leveraging more than 110 years of combined adaptive sports experience, Disabled Sports USA and Adaptive Sports USA will merge to become Move United, it was announced today. The new organisation will unite under a brand created by WPP global brand agency Superunion with the aim of redefining disability and breaking down stereotypes across America. 

Move United will lead the movement to fully include people with disabilities in American society, using sport to challenge perceptions and redefine ability for youth and adults with disabilities. Move United's network will launch across more than 200 chapters in 43 states offering 100,000 youth and adults with disabilities opportunities to participate and compete in more than 50 different adaptive sports. This merger delivers a robust platform for growth, fostering expansion to more communities, with a goal to be locally available to 90% of the U.S. population by 2028, when the Olympics and Paralympics return to the U.S. 

Superunion was tasked with naming and creating a visual identity that had the power to incite action for the new organisation. Move United's name reflects the vision of the organisation to lead a united movement creating opportunities for youth and adults with disabilities to move, by being included in sports and recreation. Move United's unique logo typeface is based on the deconstruction and reconstruction of the word "disability". The unique look and feel of Move United's brand is based on a patchwork design, reflecting the patchwork of community-based adaptive sports organisations that are the heart of Move United. The various patterns in the patchwork reflect the many disabilities served by Move United and the colour scheme is a contemporary take on the red, white and blue representing the United States. 


Glenn Merry, Executive Director of Move United, said: "There is nothing like the power of sport. Sport makes us stronger, physically, psychologically and socially. That is true for people with and without disabilities, but often today's youth and adults with disabilities have few opportunities to participate. Our vision is to redefine how society views ability and our partnership with Superunion has been really valuable on our journey to achieve this."

Ross Clugston, Executive Creative Director at Superunion, said: "The way people view disability is far from reality. I personally have been challenged and learned so much through my experience of working with the organisation. What's so brilliant about Move United is that where people see limitation, they see opportunity. We wanted to create a brand that confronts ignorance, breaks stereotypes, shatters the current narrative and redefines what disability looks like." 

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