25 Jun 2019

Monte Morbida

The first solo exhibition by Gianluca Crudele opens in Hong Kong this week.

In this series the Italian artist, known in Hong Kong for his street art projects, questions his usual creative languages, looking to more traditional methods of painting. Oil painting served as a vehicle to express a more profound vein of his consciousness, aligned to the inner rhythm of his mind. The resulting images are an expression of a vast cultural background, capable of combining references of European philosophers, spanning from Heraclitus to Nietzsche, with the stimuli absorbed through the recent years spent in Hong Kong.

Crudele references Italian artists and movements of the twentieth century - the metaphysical works of painters such as Giorgio De Chirico, Gino de Dominicis and Lorenzo Bonechi above all - without ever falling into the trap of trivial repetitions. However do not be misled into thinking that Crudele’s work is merely a sequence of quotes from a long gone past but a rather fertile ground where the germs of modernism influence and inform a subtle commentary to the contemporary human condition and the places we live in. Hong Kong served as a perfect observatory to a world completely different from the one where the artist formed. More practical, “pop”, whose influence altered profoundly the artist’s viewing of the world.

"Mente Morbida becomes a state of the convalescent mind shared between Crudele and the spectators where memories and images of the past - both of the artist and the public – return concretely and without any warning to appear in the reality."

His technical ability merging with an introspective and intimate approach, resulted in a rich series whose diverse subjects live in a world of suspended time made of hidden symbols, messages and shades touching the most profound cords of the viewer’s soul. The shadows, in works such as City man, Ruins or Amor Fati, are the true carriers of meaning: the vehicle expressing a disquiet and malleable mood, the metaphysical state where form and content coincide, transporting the artist towards the uncharted territories of his own mind. 

21st June - 7th July 2019
Open every day Monday to Saturday - by appointment only

2nd Floor, 177 Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong