10 Aug 2020

Made in Amsterdam

Superunion VBAT partners with Nova Multimedia to design the chronicle of Amsterdam's creative industry. 

Superunion VBAT has partnered with Nova Multimedia, a Netherlands-based publisher of visual books, to design and art direct Made in Amsterdam - Ideas that Travel. This book explores creativity in Amsterdam, and offers a fascinating look behind the scenes of creative entrepreneurs, brands and companies such as G-Star RAW, Ace & Tate, Marcel Wanders, Total Design, Guerrilla Games and Armada Music. 

An initiative of leading photographer and publisher, Peter Sabelis, Made in Amsterdam is his third exploration of the Dutch capital. Supported by second photographer Sascha van Helvert and the Amsterdam writers Paula Vos and Ralph Edelstein, the book delves into the role the city plays in the process of creative entrepreneurs, including Marcel Wanders and Sander Groet. Sabelis says: 'Amsterdam has a strong and diverse creative scene that also has great international appeal. Yet we often know little about the stories behind these companies and brands. Who are the driving forces behind them? What is their vision and how do they use this to conquer the world? This book provides a new perspective on Amsterdam's creativity both visually and content wide, of course with a refreshing dose of Amsterdam's courage and conviction.' 

Inspired by Amsterdam's position as a hub for creativity and the city's rebellious nature, we developed a detailed design concept for the book. Graham Sturt, Creative Director of Superunion VBAT, says: 'Amsterdam is, of course, well known as a hub for creativity, entrepreneurship and travel. Lesser known though is the rebellious streak that mischievously courses through its veins. In Made in Amsterdam we married these ideas together in a detailed design that pays playful homage to classic Dutch design and Paul Mijkesenaar's iconic way-finding for Schiphol Airport.'


Anyone wanting to understand the secret of Amsterdam's creativity will find answers in the many stories chronicled in the book. Whether it is the perceptive view of designer Marcel Wanders ('In Amsterdam, poetry flows through the cracks in the pavement'), the musings of Sander Groet that led to swings 100 metres above the city ('Why can't I look at Amsterdam from above?') or the well-tuned ears of creative music producer Hans Brouwer ('You can get hundreds of sounds out of a lightbulb') - they make you look at the world in a whole new way.

The book can be viewed and ordered here