5 Feb 2019

Lunar New Year Greetings

To mark the Year of the Pig, we’re proud to announce the launch of Piggybank – a hambitious new financial services brand.

Go Piggy Banking is a fun (but fake) banking site that plays off many Pig Puns linked to consumer banking, aiming to welcome the new year with a little chuckle and snort.

Using the universally known idea of a “piggy bank”, we created an identity with a puntastic tone of voice that not only celebrates the year of the Pig, but also showcases our creative thinking and team culture. The visual identity found home on credit cards, print ads, mobile platform, name cards and red (pink) packets.

Every year, our team in Asia creates a seasonal Lunar New Year greeting that is more than your standard electronic card. By playing upon the characteristics of the Chinese zodiac animals, our creative teams develop surprising and clever greetings for our clients and friends.


To find out more about Go Piggy Banking visit: https://gopiggybanking.com/. 

Published in Campaign Asia.