31 Jan 2019

Leaving Impressions of Singapore

Scott Lambert’s art collection is exhibited at Singapore Botanic Gardens.

The exhibition, which showcases the designer’s latest collection of prints, will be on display in various outdoor locations throughout the Gardens, from 18th January till 3rd March 2019.

The collection was inspired by the appearance of a two-meter-long palm leaf in the designer’s garden, dragged there out of curiosity by his young daughter because it “looked ginormously cool.”

It led Lambert to reappraise the silhouettes and textures of foliage present in nature in his home city, which despite being one of the most densley populated and expensive places on earth, boasts 75 free national parks.

The resulting collection of prints celebrates the diversity and beauty in nature which is surrounded Singaporeans. Each piece is printed from real leaves and is intended to celebrate the possibilities contained within the national parks. Inspiring us to remember that time-well spent in the great outdoors leaves a lasting imprint on our imaginations.

According to a survey conducted by the National Trust in the UK, children spend half as much time playing outdoors as their parents did. When interviewed, 90% of the 1000 parents involved in the survey said they would prefer their children to spend more time outdoors developing a connection with nature.

Leaving Impressions creates a smile in the mind, that’s the immediate goal. But it might encourage others to think...that is so simple, I can do that. And they should, creativity is at its most inspiring when it is inclusive. The leaves of Singapore belong to everyone, we just have to remember to play, to have fun, to imagine familiar things in new ways. And if along the journey we find ourselves gazing up at the world around us rather staring down at a screen, I’m sure that’s something we all could benefit from."

Scott Lambert
Design Director, Singapore